Why is Stoicism the best ethical system to follow?

A question asked in our closed Stoic Recovery Facebook discussion group. Because it is naturalistic, founded in physical realities, scientific and social. It puts "morality" back where it should it be, grounded in the relationships between humans and their environment, not in the commands of transcendent beings, logically deduced axioms or cold-hearted calculation of benefits. … Continue reading Why is Stoicism the best ethical system to follow?

The Invisible Cycle of Hades

A guest post by our friend and member Donavan Gerken: One issue that I’ve always battled is the nuisance of anxiety. It is always there, pushing my thoughts to the negative, and imbedding me with fear. Alcohol was my only resolve, yet alcohol exasperated the anxiety ten-fold, day in and day out, thus the invisible … Continue reading The Invisible Cycle of Hades

Seneca: On the Happy Life

Reason – living in accordance with our nature, is the embodiment of excellence. Free exercise of wisdom, self-discipline, courage, and justice will bring us to a state of eudaimonia; or a truly good, fulfilling, and flourishing life; and by extension, true happiness. Unlike momentary pleasure, this happiness can not be taken from us.

Stoicism and Addiction: Stoic Philosophy as a Recovery Program


This article will serve as the basis for a simple, and practical, guide to intermingling the ancient philosophy of Stoicism – of which Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, and its successor Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are, in part, based on – and Recovery from Addiction.