How do you know you are an addict?

How do you know if you are an addict?

A quick test from Gabor Maté:

“Any passion can become an addiction; but then how to distinguish between the two?

The central question is: who’s in charge, the individual or their behaviour? It’s possible to rule a passion, but an obsessive passion that a person is unable to rule is an addiction. And the addiction is the repeated behaviour that a person keeps engaging in, even though he knows it harms himself or others. How it looks externally is irrelevant.

The key issue is a person’s internal relationship to the passion and its related behaviours.

If in doubt, ask yourself one simple question:

given the harm you’re doing to yourself and others, are you willing to stop? If not, you’re addicted.

And if you’re unable to renounce the behaviour or to keep your pledge when you do, you’re addicted.”…/…/0676977413

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